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p o k e j i n k a ;;
for all your humanoid pokemon needs.
an explanation 
10th-Nov-2009 03:22 am
Hello folks! This community has been quite silent for a month and a half, and I thought I'd pop in to explain why.

Around a month and a half ago, I began developing a personal project for a Pokémon browser game. Eight days ago, it was completed! But I've been kept extremely busy by it, and haven't had much time to draw, unfortunately, hence my silence here.

If anyone's curious, it's over at VDex.

I don't know when Reversed (or my requests) will be taken off hiatus, since there's still much to develop for the game, but I'll keep this community posted in case anything changes.

Sorry for the disappearance!
[p4/souji] INTELLECTUAL maybe
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